Ankerlandish Imperial Shogunate
Akaomatsu Bakjufu|AK
Impari Bakjufu dai AnkarelinduAK
2354 BC (Earth)
Eons ago (Groxia)

AnkerlandFlag (2)
1200px-Tokugawa family crest.svg
Family Crest
"Veritas et victoria"LA
"Truth and victory"EN
"The Mighty Emperor"
Nice Map
Location of Ankerland (the northern part of the large island in the south-western portion of the map) located in the Atlantic Ocean
and largest city
37° 0′N, 36° 0′W
Largest city Ankasandoria
Official languages Ankerlandish
Religion Ankerist Buddhism, Athiesm
Government of Ankerland Unitary monarchy
Imperial Majesty Emperor/Shōgun
 -  2006-Present
Ãnkërirudu Anker CI
Heir: Ãnkërirudu Lehisatsu
Head of Parliament
 -  2004 - 2013 Tanikawa Yoshinobu
 -  2013 - Present Sueoka Yoshitake
Prime Minister
 -  2017-Present Tokuma Daisetsu
 -  Formation of Ankerland 2354 BC
 -  Suchimikado Period 2134 BC -1972 BC
 -  Shuchumumatsu Period 1972 BC - 293 BC
 -  Kasamatsu Period 293 BC - 695 AD
 -  Hajumatsu Period 695 - 1362
 -  Hugamatsu Period 1362 - 1745
 -  Joshumatsu Period 1745 - 1858
 -  Bakoumatsu Period 1858 - 1869
 -  Jonshumatsu Period 1869 - 1884
 -  Jachumatsu Period 1884 - 1947
 -  Akaomatsu Period 1947 - Present
 -   ??? 7.7 googol 
GDP (PPP) 2018 estimate
 -  Total 36.2 Googol
Currency Ankerlandish yen

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Ankerland (/æn.k/, Ankerlandish: Ankarelindu), officially the Ankerlandish Imperial Shogunate, also known as the Ankerlandish Empire is a sovereign independent state located in the center of the Atlantic Ocean

With a population of 7.3 googol people, it is the largest country on Earth in terms of population. It also has a area of 14,424,950 km2 (936,278 sq. mi. Please fix this.), making it the 2th largest country in the world making it about the same size as Antarctica And just under the size of Oskarland.

Xenomorphs (aliens) named "Grox" created the island in 2354 BC, and colonized it. After that, they took the form of humans, and has not spoken about their real species that much. The people got used to their lives, living on the island, and etc. They used advanced technology to make the country split into small clans, meaning that a first kind-of earthly-Ankerlandish country was present in this year.

During the clan’s rule of the island, the clan started to dissolve, when three major clans were formed within the entire clan, the Katamori clan, the Anker clan, and the Hidetori clan. The clans had a 1,000 year dispute of which side shall rule the island, but that soon changed when the disputes slowly started to cease. During the post-clan dispute era, they transitioned their governmental form into a absolute shogunate. The absolute shogunate would inprison anybody who disagreed with the government. This changed in 2015, and again in April 2018.

During the Great War of 1869-1884, Ankerland became overpowered and invaded Europe, North America, and Africa. The war ended in 1884 during the signature of the Treaty of Bordeaux in status quo ante bellum, which meant that Ankerland and the rest of the participants of the war would return to their original personalities before the war, but some of those reformed personalities did not last, as in Europe was in ruins after the war ended. The war caused Ankerland to have the second-most largest military in the world, only to be behind Oskarland, which consists of present-day United States, Canada, and Spain.

When space travel was invented in the 1960's, Ankerlandish officials were sent to space to invade and create Ankerlandish space and star system colonies. The United Nations did not agree with this descision though, and this dispute remains to this day.

Its capital and largest city is Ankersandria and its official language is Ankerlandish, which is spoken by most of the population as the mother tongue.

Its main allies are Oskarland and Felixland, Japan, which support Ankerland in wars after the Great War of 1869-1884. It also has the largest nuclear arsenal and navy on Earth, and by extension in existence.

Ankerland has been failed to be invaded at any point in history due to the fact it has the second-largest military in the world, which means Ankerland could triumph anybody below that rank.

Name Edit

Etymology Edit

The name "Ankerland" comes from the pre-historic name of the island, "Ankāryōiki", which translates into "anchor region". The main part of the word "anchor" means "secure", which is what the clan thought the island was. "Anchor" comes from the Old English word "ancor" or "ancra" (via. Latin from Greek "ankura"), which then comes from the Latin word "anchora". The suffix "-land" translates into "country", or "region", which is what the country is, a country.

Names in other languages Edit

Factual languages Edit

  • Japanese - Ankārando Bakufu

Fictional/Mapperdonian languages Edit

  • Felixlandic - Ankerlande Shogunate
  • Pootis Language - Pootis Pootis
  • North Ankerlandish (Northern Ankasandoria) - Bakjufu dai Ankerelindu

 Relations Edit

Ankerland has relations with other nations below:

Country Agreements


Felixland Military and Economic Alliance Good Relationship
Oskarland Military and Economic Alliance Good Relationship
Grox Vassal of Ankerland Optimal Relationship
Zarexium Trade Embargo

Tensions are high

Pure Hatred

History Edit

Prehistory and ancient history Edit

Groxian Ankerland Edit

Eons ago in earthly years, a planet named Groxia was the founding site of Ankerland. Xenomorphs (aliens) were the dominant species on Ankerland, and Groxia itself. Around 3500 BC, they decided to visit the second only known planet to host life, Earth, having had to travel an entire galaxy to get there.

Groxian colonization of Earth Edit

Before Christ (B.C) Edit

Due to Groxian aliens having advanced technology at the time, they arrived in a blink of a eye. They landed in the center of the Atlantic Ocean where they called "41 74 6c 61 6e 74 69 63 20 4f 63 65 61 6e", which in Groxian (pre-Ankerlandish) translates into "Atlantic Ocean". After landing on Earth, they were able to artificially create a island, which they called "41 6e 6b 65 72 6c 61 6e 64", which in Groxian (pre-Ankerlandish) translates into Ankerland. During their colonization of Earth, they took the form of humans, and learned the languages that were present on the planet itself. Japanese was one of the languages at the time, so they were able to decode "41 6e 6b 65 72 6c 61 6e 64" into "Ankāryōiki", which officially meant "anchor region", but meant "Ankerland" for the Groxians. It is unknown why they chose Japanese as the "official" language of the Groxians [located on Earth]. Groxians then decided to form their own country, so they decoded "Ankāryōiki" into "Ankerland", which became the official name.

Anno Domini (A.D) Edit

During the post-formation era of [earthly] Ankerland, they used advanced technology to split the country into 3 sub-clans within the entire Ankerlandish clan itself, the Katamori clan, the Anker clan, and the Hidetori clan. The sub-clans were balancing peace within the entire clan, until a dispute arised saying that one of the clans shall be the majority clan. The two other clans disagreed with the idea, and the dispute lasted for 1000 years. The dispute ended due to it being non-popular and not major anymore. The post-dispute era also had a event where the governmental form would change into a absolute shogunate.

Great War of 1869-1884 Edit

When Ankerland became overpowered, it decided to invade Europe, Africa, and North America as well. The protagonists of the war did not accept this and joined the invasion, thus starting the Great War of 1869-1884. France, one of the protagonists, lost in a surprising 2 weeks. The war raged on until 1884, where the war ended in status quo ante bellum.

Present day Edit

Today Ankerland does well in its economy, population, agriculture, technology, and etc. It is also the main manufacturer of Grox, which is rock combined with Groxian advanced technology. The sole creator of Grox was a unknown male scientist that visited Ankerland and discovered Groxian advanced technology. When he got back to his home country, he injected it inside a rock to see how it would react and it did mix well and he called it Grox, named after Groxian advanced technology. It is said to heal depression and bipolar disorder completely, cause a normal human to gain super-human powers, and shapeshift into any object.

Politics Edit

The imperial politic of Ankerland, is complex and disliked by Teknonami. The first election since the coup against the former republic, happened, 17. January 2017.

Recognition Edit

Ankerland is a country which is not regonized by everyone. That's especially because Teknonami left Ankerland some months ago. Also Ankerland and Zarexium have really bad relations. Since the South was seperated from the rest it got a pro-Zarexian government. That's why Ankerland and the southern neighbour have rough relations. Ankerland still see the Teknonamic Federal Republic part of it's country, even if it doesn't have military access or administation of the Republic. In the opposite Teknonami and Zarexium doesn't recognize Ankerland as a nation.

Here is a list of countries that recognizes the Ankerlandish Imperial Shogunate as independent:

  • Felixland
  • Oskarland
  • 189 other nations on Earth
  • Grox

Akaomatsu Period (Modern day) Edit

The current era in Ankerland right now is Akaomatsu Period, it has lasted for a long time, and has seen the rise and fall of many emperors.